10 Totally Weird Things Men Do That Turn Women Off! #9 Is Just So True!


If you are repelling a lot of girls, this could be your life savior, trust me! We already discussed the things that women do which turn off men, now it’s time for the things that turn women off.

Here are 10 Things Men Do That Turn Women Off:

1. Lack Of Hygiene

Men are known for being less hygienic than women. So, the first thing a girl checks in a guy is his hygiene. Too much body spray means you were probably smelling before spraying that bottle and too many dark clothes mean you don’t really wear clean clothes. Girls are too good in noticing that oily hair of yours and the most important is good shoes. Dirty shoes are a huge NO.So be hygienic in order to make sure that this thing doesn’t turn women off.

Things Men Do That Turn Women Off

2.Swag is a turn-off

Classy men are always preferred to swaggy boys. Stop wearing those ripped jeans and DCs for god’s sake. Everyone has heard this line: Cool is for now but class is forever. Keep that in your mind because we mean it.

Things Men Do That Turn Women Off


”You know, I never brag about how many girls I have been with but……”

“There were/are 100s of girls behind me but…..”

“Not bragging but….” then they start bragging

STOP YOUR BULLSHIT! You will most probably make all of her friends laugh that evening because you know, we tell everything to our girls.

Things Men Do That Turn Women Off


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