These Unknown Features Will Surely Help You Operate Your Mac Better. 


We are often in two minds while making this valuable purchase. Is it worthwhile? Is it compatible? And what not! To be honest, this can prove out to be one of your best purchases. Mac comes with an ample number of inbuilt and extra features. Some users are still unaware of many of them. These unknown features will surely make you fall in love with this well-crafted device.

Read further to know about 13 most common unknown features of Mac.

1. Speech-to-Text conversation.

Beginning with the most reliable feature, Dictation-Typing in Mac OS is something we all would never want to miss. To convert your speech into text, press the function key (fn) twice and start speaking. You can also open the Edit menu and click Start Dictation.

Unknown features of Mac.


2. Inbuilt emojis

I’m sure that many of you weren’t aware of this feature. Like iOS, OS X too comes with this feature. Just press ctrl+ view button +


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