16 Facts About SUITS That Should Be Known To Every ‘Suitor’ Out There. 


If you are already watching this super hit show, I may credit all your sense of humour to have its direct effect from SUITS. SUITS is an American legal drama series created by Aaron Korsh. Rest of the story is something that is to be watched. Besides the interesting plot, we do have some intriguing facts about SUITS which makes it way more interesting.

If you’re a die-hard fan of SUITS, you ought to know them already. Check out some really interesting facts about SUITS below.

1. The curious case of Cats.

Louis Litt in SUITS love cats way too much while Rick Hoffman is quite allergic to them. So whenever a scene with a cat is to be filmed, EpiPens and inhalers are kept ready at the sets.

Facts about Suits every fan should be aware of.


2. Mike Ross – Real life photographer.

Mike Ross ( Patrick J. Adams ) is a quite a real life photographer. Most of the photographs hung in Rachel’s office are his masterpieces. His Instagram account is itself a proof for the above statement.

Facts about Suits every fan should be aware of. Via

3. Patrick J. Adam’s eyes were the reason behind his casting as Mike Ross. 

Yeah! It was Patrick’s eyes that got him lucky to play Mike Ross. It is one of those facts of SUITS which isn’t known to many of the fans. Aaron Korsh thinks that Patrick has got intelligent eyes.

Facts about Suits every fan should be aware of.Via 


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