Weird Science Facts We Read About In School But Forgot Over Time


There is more to it than meets the eye, and when it comes to science you know that it is true. The field of science is full of incredible facts about the universe and everything inside it. Though most of us learn about some of these things as children, we learn to appreciate them much later. Here are some of the most bizarre facts about science and scientific explanations.

1. All the planets rotate around their own axis as they orbit the sun and they do it in the same direction, except for Venus. This planet rotates in the opposite direction.

2. The sun is so distant from us that sunlight reaches us only after 8 minutes and 20 seconds.

3. Plants communicate among themselves and send distress signals when they sense danger.

4. DNA makes us. What is surprising is that all humans have 99.9% of their DNA common. Only 0.1% varies and that makes us independent individuals.

5. This is bizarre, but it is a fact that 50% of your DNA is common to bananas.

6. If you have ever observed the night sky you might have noticed a variety of colors in the stars, except green. The reason- there is plenty of green in your eyes.

7. When you see white it means the object emits all colors in the visible spectrum since there is no color called ‘White”.

8. Yes, your body has a clock known as Circadian Oscillator which is synchronized with solar time.

9. It is the size of the moon that has contributed to existence of life on earth.

10. Scientific research lends credence to the idea that the moon is an offshoot of the earth separated by some asteroid collision millions of years ago.

11. It is believed that the earth’s magnetic pole reverses from time to time and it may happen after another thousand years or so.

12. Time is relative to the frame of reference and is different for people at different frames of reference.



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