Women Challenge The Beauty Standards Of Society In This Revolting Photo Series


Women are subjected to live up to beauty standards that require grueling and time taking grooming sessions.

Evolution has been good for us but the real question is, who set the rules for this evolution? Who decided that women need to stand up to a range of beauty standards while men can have a leeway? That body hairs on women are unacceptable but for men, the same defines their macho-ness? Men can have a chest full of thick hairs but god forbid if a woman forgot to shave her armpits. If body hairs, in general, are unattractive then why the same rules don’t apply for both the genders? Why the fairer s3x have to go through grooming ordeals on a daily basis but men, on the other hand, can even go without shaving for weeks?

Well a London based photographer Ben Hopper, has taken upon himself to challenge the age-old beauty standards for women, set by the society we live in, with his revolting ‘Natural Beauty’ photo series.

The ‘Natural Beauty’ photo series aims at questioning our mindset that has labeled female body hairs unsexy. The series probes into society’s attitude towards women and how it has dictated rules that have tagged women with body hairs unattractive or unappealing.

Ben’s work is impeccable and captures a woman’s beauty in its natural essence. Scroll down to see some of his best works and also do read what the artists have to say.

“Why is being shaved considered to be more feminine?” – Sheila Santiago

“You may find it freeing and empowering” – Maya Felix

“I will never go back!” – Alexis Calvas

“Whether a person decides to shave or not is completely up to them” – Kyoto

“I think it’s beautiful.” – Emilia Bostedt

“I’m not surprised at that as despite becoming somewhat more acceptable, it is still pretty rare to see a ‘woman’ with hairy legs” – Charlot Conway

“Learn to love the truth instead of the programmed illusion.” – Martha Aurelia 

Julianne Popa.

“I hope that it opens people’s minds to becoming more accepting.” – JoJo Pearson

“I feel that all women should try going without shaving for a time” – Alex Welburn

Image Credits: Ben Hopper


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