20 Women Who Turned Down A Chance To Be A Surrogate And Got Some Pretty Bad Responses!


Well, some people will always look down upon you no matter what you. But sometimes, people judge you even when they are not affected by the choices or decisions you take. Well, surrogacy is one such thing that is entirely the decision of the women who will bear your child. Because contrary to what people may believe, it is not easy to bear a child for nine months in your womb then give up for someone else to bring them up. So, these women didn’t want to be someone’s surrogate and they got some pretty bad responses from people!

These are the bad responses these women got for turning down the chance to be a surrogate!

1. Well, I guess it is your body, and you should be the one who gets to make that decision.bad responses these women got when they refused to be a surrogate

2. Okay, selfish or not, this is her body though.

3. Okay, we really shouldn’t make promises that we can’t keep up to. Even if you are kids, you shouldn’t break the promises that you made.

4. It is not like you’re the only woman who she sees fit for surrogacy!

5. Don’t blame yourself, I don’t have the heart to be someone’s child bearer too!

6. I’ll make it simple for you. NO. That’s it!

7. Grow up sister, you can’t have everything that you want to!

8. Okay, this is definitely something that you should be ashamed of.

9. Well, there’s nothing you could do about that!

10. Look, you did nothing wrong.

11. Exactly my point! No, Sir, I will definitely pass.

12. Better late than never, you did the right thing!

13. Um, what?! 

14. Look, there is nothing you should regret about!

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15. What the hell is wrong with these mothers?

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16. Good thing you had the brains even back then!read also: 15 New Mothers Share Why They Absolutely Hate Breastfeeding Their Kid

17. What the fuck!


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