12 Women Unveil How They Asked A Guy For A Date And It’s Absolutely Creative!


We have always seen men asking women out for a date. But a woman asking a man out is rare! Accept it or not but when women asked a guy out it was much more creative.
Guys, do you remember the time when you finally gathered the courage and decided to approach the girl of your dream? Of course, you do! As soon as you went to her you forgot what you had to say and your vocal cords went dysfunctional! But it feels great when you finally confess your feelings to her and ask her out on a date.
There are women who go through the same emotions and courage. The way they ask you out is so creative that you don’t have the option to say no to her!

12 women share how they asked a man for a date and trust me they are damn creative!

1.He must have been surprised! asked women date


2.Ouch! That hurts!
asked women date


3.That was really sweet!
asked women date



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