Making A World Record Of Worst Advice Ever Received! 30 Advices That Will Crack You Up


What is worse than when you desperately need some thinking that is not the product of your own brain? What can be it that makes the absence of any advice seem less bad by comparison- worst advice.

Because we need advice as a remedy to some situation, right? Well, some people have given the worst advice ever that made the person tear his hair out in frustration of having even gone to them in the first place.When Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show, asked his followers to share such instances. Twitter’s #Badvice made one thing clear, good advice is hard to come by

Here are 30 worst advice that would make you wary of any bits of advice coming your way:


1. Hypnotised permanently by death is more like it

worst advice

2. At least you smelled nicebad-advice-tweets-jimmy-fallon-179-57ee08116f5dd-png__700

3. Provided a pool for the bug to swim in, aww how thoughtfulworst advice

4. You gave her the chance to discover something completely new

worst advice

5. Never wondered how you would get the pictures? Oh no worries, the municipality will mail it to youworst advice


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