12 Best News Fails Ever To Make You Cringe Inside Out


Every now and then we tune into news channels to get a piece of what’s happening around us and the globe. Often, we blindly trust what the media tells us. This is a serious issue in the long run but only a dummy would trust everything on the news when the news fails.


See what I did there? N N N no? Okay.

News Fails are much better to look at than some, well, regular news. They are funny, spontaneous and make you feel good about yourself when you get back to your job. In short, you can consider news fails like that friend who you don’t see much but every time you do, he makes you feel better about yourself.

But anyhow sometimes the news gives us intellectual insights on various topics and sometimes it gives us these gems.


Check out the 12 hilarious news fails ever- 

1. You had one job

Someone was definitely fired for this.

news fails


2. Ah… You don’t say?

And he isn’t dead because of the protection he gets from his massive balls.

news fails


3. Just a bit more effort there, pal!

Ryan Adams

I am not good at this job

news fails


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