“Jack Sparrow Fan? Here are 10 Richest Real life Pirates In The World”


Today Piracy on the high seas is not exactly piracy like those old times. Nowadays it is associated with high ransom demands by newbie pirates and hijacking navy ships and stealing weapons worth millions and all the valuable goods. Though a Pirate’s life is not easy and also their life is not what we can call luxurious but for the real life pirates the safest way to guard his future was to bury gold and other valubles to use after retirement.

Many pirates died pennyless while some notorious pirates became millionares which is quite an acomplishment because being a pirate is like you could’ve died any minute.


Well if you fantasized the world of Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean these famous real life pirates should definitely be in your dictionary.

10. Edward “Blackbeard” Teach $12.5 Million.

Edward Teach’s early life is still a mystery but he came to be popularly known as Blackbeard due to his signature thick black beard, was definitely one of the most ferocious and active pirate of his times. Many sailors feared him and many were held in captivity during his reign. His most notorious shenanigans included blockading the port of Charleston, South Carolina, and successfully ransoming the inhabitants.

He was killed in 1718 by a small group of sailors. The Governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood, had sent the crew to capture Blackbeard…in which they succeeded.

Richest Real life Pirates In The World


9. Harry Morgan $13 Million.

Harry Morgan came to be known as the most notorious pirate and was famous for his activities in the Caribbean. He spent most of his time around the Spanish main. He garnered huge wealth and put it in his will for his godsons on the condition that they’ll have to adopt the surname Morgan.Earlier in his days, he also married his cousin Elizabeth but she died very soon.

Richest Real life Pirates In The World


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