6 Types Of Facebook Commenters You Can Find In Every Post


Facebook is an amazing world. And for those with a sense of humour, it has varied amazing characters. It is a madhouse where people can voice opinions freely and it’s pretty awesome to see how enthusiastically they do it. Personally, I love reading through comments that follow a post. And if we share the same interest then I am sure you must have observed a pattern of the kind of people who comment on a post.

Well, I have shortlisted the top 6 types of facebook commenters that I look for in every post. Trust me when I say they are hilarious and sure to find:


  1. The Pessimist

    No matter what it takes, this person has the utter urge of making his presence be felt by throwing his opinion on the said post. His favourite dialogue is “Because, why not?…” But wait, that’s not it, he not only argues but also refuses to listen. He can’t stand anyone messing up with him. Cause, Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Types Of Facebook Commenters
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2. The Feminist

Well! Feel free to call her the sister of Mr. Pessimist. She has this awesome super power to twist every post into                feminism, sometimes unnecessarily. But Hey! That’s a rare talent. After all, “NO UTERUS, NO OPINION”! So               back off dudes. There ain’t no winning here.

Types Of Facebook Commenters


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