25 Coolest Teachers Around The World Who Will Make You Want To Go To School Everyday!


Waking up and going to school every day is the toughest job for a student. One needs a damn good reason to turn up for the boring lectures every day, yeah I mean besides getting an education. But sadly the majority of the teachers don’t understand us. No offense teachers, but you really need to read this article to understand what do the students want. These teachers actually can relate to what being cool means, and hence are the coolest teachers ever!

Here are 25 coolest teachers around the world who will make you want to go to school everyday!

#1 If teachers start updating us with gaming strategies. I’m coming everyday! ( Oh wait, I passed out. Oops!)

coolest teachers


#2 Yeah we got an hour of lecture topped with insults! Such memories!

coolest teachersvia

#3 When he’s good at doodles than you!

coolest teachersvia

#4 In case the students ask why are we studying this!

coolest teachersvia

#5 One of the coolest teachers in the universe. Can we try this too?

coolest teachersvia


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