This Dog Walks Into A Texan Police Station To Report Himself Missing!


This dog is certainly a smart boy!

Likely most of us think about our pets as the best, sharpest, most delightful creatures that at any point strolled the Earth. For a few, it’s kinda evident. Yet some are a little blinded by the unadulterated and unlimited love each parent has for their kid. I mean pets. Nonetheless, this doggo is surely a smart kid. Since he made sense that the best spot to follow he lost his human is the police headquarters.


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Having reported his issue like the great kid that he is. Chico waited on a plan to go after a position as a K-9 for a brief period. About a week ago on a fine morning, the officials at the Odessa Police division in Texas had an unexpected guest. A courteous dog who tenderly put his paws onto the front desk to tell them about his issue.


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It appears that the dog went missing…

Perhaps it was its human who was missing instead. Sergeant Rusty Martin was among the officials who was with Chico. He said the pooch didn’t appear to be bothered about his lost status by any means. Maybe he just went out for a walk around the area and chose to visit the thoughtful officials to light up their day.

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Although, Chico immediately escaped before animal control showed up.

Fortunately, he headed straight back to his family who reported him back the following day. Sergeant Martin said, ”He ran out just as quick as he came in. The owner responded the next day it was his dog and he had returned home. He lives about a mile from the station.”


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