People Are Going Crazy Since The 500 And 1000 Indian Currency Notes Got Banned, Reactions Are Shocking!


There I was thinking that, the American Presidential elections was going to be the headlines for tomorrow’s newspaper(I’m sure the news reporters were preparing for it too!). But to our shocking surprise the Indian Prime Minister decided to steal the show going all hallelujah on the “Black Money” holders by landing a drastic declaration. What was it? He decided that all 500 and 1000 Indian currency notes should be banned.

people's reactions on 500-1000 notes being banned


 This wasn’t just a warning my friends, he literally BANNED the use of 500 and 1000 notes starting from midnight of November 8, 2016. Yes we are still trying to understand what just hit us!(especially the black money holders). Majority of the ministers talk about curbing down corruption, our PM just showed you a classic move of how things are done, Take that Haters!

people's reactions on 500-1000 notes being bannedvia

While the “black money” holders were busy scratching their heads to find out a solution to get out of this mess, twitteratis started a #BlackMoney trend expressing their views on the step taken by the PM. Some of the reactions were extremely hilarious!

People started a #BlackMoney trend on Twitter to express their reactions on PM Modi’s decision that said 500 and 1000 Indian Currency notes shall be banned

#1 Modi just used his Trump card which was HILLARYous!

people's reactions of 500-1000 notes being banned


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