Donald Trump Wins US Elections 2016, How? US In A Shock, Living A Nightmare


US Elections, 2016 have been in the news and people’s conversations a lot lately. Not because of the big change but because of the surprising candidates. Major part of the public did not support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, yet it is shocking how Donald wins elections.

Donald Trump wins US Elections 2016


The most awaited results came out a while ago today, 9th November 2016. Donald Trump wins the US Elections with 5,76,18,517 votes and becomes the 45th  President of America.

People from all over the world are posting updates on their social networking profiles and wishing this result of US Elections was a joke. They say that US is in an “uncertain future” now.

Donald Trump wins US ELECTIONS

News reports said that Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump to Concede. On whom are the jokes pointing now?

See how people going crazy when they learnt about the person who wins it.

Donald Trump wins US ELECTIONS

We’ll see whether it’s a disaster. 


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