12 Amazing Facts About Abdomen You Never Knew.


Do you know some amazing facts about abdomen? The abdomen is present between the pelvis and thorax of the human body. The main function of the abdomen is the absorption of the food because a major part of the alimentary canal is present inside the abdomen. There are lots of little facts about abdomen.

Let us go through some facts about abdomen that your doctor never said you before.

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1.Breakdown of the food occurs in your abdomen.

The first step of the digestion takes place in it. The tiny food particles called chyme leaves the abdomen and move to the intestines for the further digestion process.
Facts About Abdomen


2.It also has an important role to play in the immune system, besides digestion.

This acts as the first line defense in your immune system. The presence of hydrochloric acid inside it provides immunity from viruses and bacteria that might enter your body during ingestion.
Facts About Abdomenvia

3.Foods that are sugary are digested easily by the abdomen.

Foods that are rich in fats and proteins doesn’t get digested easily so it’s always advised by the doctor to eat foods that are rich in fats and proteins, so you don’t feel hungry.
Facts About Abdomenvia


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