Most Annoying Group Chats We All Have to Bear With


                                                            10.Bored creatures

They  seriously have nothing to talk. “I’m bored! Or Is anyone free?” are their favorite lines to draw themselves  some attention only to kill their boredom. These creatures fuel up the boring chats into annoying group chats.

Most annoying group chats we all have to bear with

11.The ditch troupe

We all have come across on such group who is always enthusiastic about making plans to meet up. In fact, they dump you at the last moment after having a long discussion over the date & venue.



 12. Stickers, emoji or slangs

With new updates being added people find the stickers, emoji’s and internet slangs to be adopting in daily chats.  Words like LOL, BRB, LMAO, etc which is not really everyone’s cup of tea yet are being flooded in the group.

Most annoying group chats we all have to bear with

Thus such annoying group chats not only irk you but also prompt to mute or exit the group.


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