12 Annoying Things You Should Strictly Avoid On Social Media If You Just Got Engaged!


Social media is a perfect combination of cute and annoying things. People literally post everything they do. Basically, their whole life is on social media. It’s annoying when a couple keeps posting about their relationship and it gets even more annoying when they get engaged. We all understand that it’s a very big news and you are excited to share it with your friends but there is a way to share your excitement without annoying your friends and family. Follow some simple guidelines and save your friends from getting annoyed.

Congratulations! You’re engaged. But before you share your excitement on social media, here are the annoying things you should avoid posting.

1. The BFF logic

Your fiance is your best friend, we get that. But like, is he really? It’s kind of a slap in the face of your besties who were always with you in your good and bad times even before your soulmate came in your life. Your best friends on social media know a lot about you and putting a fake BFF will definitely annoy them. Marrying best friend? Huh!

annoying things on social media when you get engaged

2. Zoomed in picture of your engagement ring

Never post a zoomed in picture of your engagement ring as nobody wants to see a big ring flashing on their timeline all the time. Your friends can easily figure out if you are just bragging about it or showing the true excitement. Instead, use a cute picture of you two holding each other’s hands and make sure the ring is far enough to give out any detail.

annoying things on social media when you get engaged

3. Updating a new profile picture every day

Yes, everybody knows that you both love each other unconditionally but there is always a way to express things. Do not update your profile pic every single day as there are people who find it over the top and trust me, they make fun of you behind your back. It’s for you to cherish, you don’t really have to show off every single time.

annoying things on social media when you get engaged


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