18 Low-Cost Cosplay That Are More Realistic Than The Main Characters! #7 Is Hilarious!


Comic-con! Sounds familiar? Those who have seen Comic-con pictures or been to the event might have already got the essence of this topic. For those who do not know…Cosplay or Costume Play is a performance art wherein the artists put on costumes to represent a specific character. The character can be a comic character, anime, video games or from movies or television too. The cosplayers have popularized this art majorly in Asia. However, it is rapidly gaining recognition throughout the world. Cosplayers dress up with no restriction of gender. They usually appear in Venues apart from the stage. It is not mandatory to create Cosplay only in prominent Conventions. Instead, they can be created in your home as well!But have you ever  thought of creating any low-cost cosplay?

Now, coming to the point, one guy from Thailand has drawn attention through his Low-cost Cosplay. Anucha “Cha” Sangchart  has taken the cosplay to a whole new level! He uses everyday objects and turns them into something really funny. His imagination and creativity will make you go WOW!

He is a hoot….Don’t you believe me? Let’s have a look at these 18 low-cost cosplay memes which are hilarious as hell:

1. Titanic

Who had thought Titanic poster can be created as this!

Apparently, an Iron box and a doll can create this magic…

low-cost cosplay by Anucha Saengchart

2. Matrix

Oh! What can be done with empty plastic bottles? Throw them away? Nah..

The creators of matrix themselves can take inspiration from this…

low-cost cosplay by Anucha Saengchart

3. When you know How to train your Dragon!

When you cat can be a dragon too… Well, I had no idea!

low-cost cosplay by Anucha Saengchart

4. Batman

This one will definitely give you a laughter boost…And keep Batman wondering… !

low-cost cosplay by Anucha Saengchart

5. Be it Davy Jones or Rapunzel, you are no challenge!

low-cost cosplay by Anucha Saengchart

6. The Mermaid

Ah, Fruit snacks and a Tshirt is enough.I can be Ariel in my own kingdom…Well, the toilet room isn’t a kingdom,  but you can relate…Right?

low-cost cosplay by Anucha Saengchart


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