This Twitter User Is A Viral Sensation In Making For His Relatable As Hell Tweets


Do you know about the famous and most viewed hero on twitter right now? If no, then let us introduce you to Pakalu Papito, a famous twitter hero with thousands of fan following all around the world. You would be surprised to know that he has more than 600K followers on Twitter and he continuously updates his fans about his latest tweets. He gets more than 20k replies on her tweets from his followers on a regular basis.

You might be thinking about the main reason behind his popularity on social media platforms. Well Pakalo tweets about his real, honest and random stuffs about daily life and several arbitrary things in the most humorous way possible. His tweets range from how food is his only saviour in life to how ugly he looks.

There is a big mystery among his Twitter fans which should be resolved for the sake of curiosity – it whether Pakalo Papito a real man or not. Nobody knows who he is and from where he is coming or what his actual occupation is. No matter whoever he is, his fans are looking for him all across the world. His followers want to meet him desperately and they are waiting for  the same since a very long time.

Papito always makes random statements in his tweets and they become jokes. He prefers talking about food and how he is feeling tired every time the most. Going by how soon his tweets go viral, it seems like most of the people wait for Papito to tweet something so that they can retweet easily.

The mysterious Pakalu Papito is one of our favourite internet personalities on Twitter. If you are surfing the internet and feeling bored, then you can check out the Pakalo Papito tweets and make your mood better and happier. Just like Spiderman saves the day- Pakalo Papito can save you from getting bored while surfing the internet for sure.

Do check out some of his most hilarious tweets below.

Image Credits: Pakalu Papito


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