“Happily Ever After” Is A Myth. Arranged Marriage: Expectation Vs Reality


Arranged Marriage: Expectation Vs Reality

Arranged Marriage – After a certain age, say around 25, it becomes difficult to stay alone in this society. No, not because you can’t; but because you have to face continuous tantrums of other people including your parents and married friends!
They tell you time and again why it is necessary to find a life partner and how this is the proper age for it. And you succumb to the social pressure at some point of time and agree for them to find a suitable partner and wish at least that would bring some kind of change in your life! However, in most of the cases, the change happens in a way you had never expected.

Let’s find out pros and cons of arranged marriage with expectations and reality memes:

Marriage Agreement

Expectation: To meet the guy, know the guy, then send your consent.
Reality: Your family agreed, his family agreed; implies you agreed!

Arranged Marriage
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Expectation: To fall in love with the guy .. the magic moments.

Arranged Marriage
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Reality: Still figuring out whether to go ahead with this relationship or no!

Arranged Marriage
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