The Dating Stages Of Today’s Tinder Era Every Couple Goes Through


Dating is an age-old tradition, yet like everything it has been very much affected by the modern times. Some say it became easier, some say it has gotten beyond the comprehension of the simple minded. The main components of dating are still two individuals but the dating stages have complicated or if we say, “developed” from the old days.

Dating apps and excessive craze of social media have literally done a sort of makeover of the dating stages every couple goes through, let’s take a look now:



  1. The search and selection of “the one”

Tinder and other apps like it provide a pool of choices for you to chose multiple “the ones” and swipe away the excess stages


  1. The Interview Phase

So you select some “the ones” and thus starts the interrogation. Are they good enough to waste time on?dating stages


  1. The Love Chat commences

You narrow down the list to two to three lucky candidates and maybe become Facebook or hike pals. Time to lean back and see who woos you the best his/her magical stages



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