Thankyou, Bollywood For Screwing Us By Teaching These 6 Wrong Lessons!


4. Okay, this is the worst lesson ever, Bollywood. It goes, those teen Akshar Pyaar ke (i.e. I love you) is the final word, yes, two people after trying oh so hard to deny feelings FINALLY say I love you to each other and walk into the sunset and that’s all. Bollywood, why you never teach us what happens later?


5. Your guy will fight the goons for you. Really, Bollywood? Girls, this never happens, TRUST ME. Firstly, because in real life there are actually goons who go all chalti kya nau se barain creepy voices, no! And even if there are I can bet your guy won’t have the balls to fight them. So girls, save yourselves.

6. The guy or girl will change magically after meeting you and falling for you. People, my dearest people, it’s not gonna happen, assholes always remain assholes.


So tell us if you agree with us in comments below and if we missed anything. Ciao!


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