Are You Brushing Your Teeth The Right Way? Don’t Know? Read On And Find Out. 


Brushing your teeth is an everyday thing all humans have to do. Surprisingly, most of us end up doing it wrong mainly because of our laziness. But dental hygiene affects us in the long run. Poor hygiene will result in horrible consequences such as a cavity. Therefore, you should know if your way of cleaning your mouth is the right way or wrong.

1. Are You Using A Good Quality Toothbrush?  Brushing teeth


Our parents were brushing their teeth with plain toothbrushes because they didn’t have much choice. We do and we should make the most of that privilege and choose only the best toothbrush recommended by our dentist. Before knowing the right way, you must have the right brush.

2. Are You Putting On Too Much Pressure While You Brush Away?  Brushing teeth via

Try to use your thumb and forefinger to hold the brush to decrease the pressure on it.

3. Divide Your Mouth Into 4 Parts.  Brushing teeth via

Divide the whole mouth into four parts and spend sufficient time brushing them.  


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