See What Home Alone Cast Looks Like 25 Years Later: Jaw Dropping Transformation


The transformation of the Home Alone cast that we see 25 years later is unbelievable. The Home Alone Movies have been everybody’s childhood holiday movie marathon. Where the eight year old Kevin got left alone at home by his family while leaving for a family holiday trip. First of all the kid is happy about being in charge of the house. But as the plot proceeds and finally comes to the scene when thieves try to break in the house. Like we all in our childhood dream for, he finally gets an opportunity to put a fight. As kids, it probably gave us all chills. None of us can deny loving this groundbreaking movie. The festive vibe and magical atmosphere portrayed in the movie filled our hearts as viewers.

As a result of great acting by the characters the movie got overwhelming responses and even 25 years later the release of Home Alone the cast is doing great in the industry. It seems like the star cast has over gone a major transition. Hence, even we’ve discovered how the cast looks now.

Macaulay Culkin who played Kevin McCallister

The lead cast member is an American actor who earned his fame through Home Alone became prominent in the industry by promising roles in other movies as well. The most known ones are My Girl, Richie Rich, Party Monster, The Good Son, The Pagemaster. His talent even landed him a chance to work in a music video for Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”. In addition to this the successful child actor also made his place on number two on VH-1 “100 Greatest Kid-Stars”.

Home Alone cast 25 years later

Joe Pesci who played Harry Lime

Cast member, Pesci is famously known for playing characters with traits that are tough and volatile rather than roles that carry grace. Furthermore, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the mesmerizing role he played in Raging Bull. 

Home Alone cast 25 years later 

Daniel Stern who played Marvin MerchantsHome Alone cast 25 years later 


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