Captivating Illustrations That Depict The Sunrise View On Different Planets


Have you ever imagined what’s life like on other planets? Or whether there is any life on any planets besides earth? What’s the atmosphere is like on other planets’ surface? Do they have water? Oxygen? How’s the sun and the moon look from there?- Nearer or far? Our universe is undoubtedly a captivating place and understanding it is a phenomenon still foreign to many.

Our solar system is enchanting in itself but it is no news that it is just a small part of the universe and is one like many others out there. There are numerous stars that exist in our solar system, the sun being the brightest of them all. Among the eight planets (sorry Pluto!) in our solar system, all of us have experienced the breathtaking view of sunset and sunrise of planet earth.

A digital illustrator, Ron Miller has brought to us the enthralling view of sunrise on the remaining planets of our galaxy through his creative illustrations. These illustrations depict the beauty of sunrise and how the same will look from different vantage points on those planets.

Take a look at Miller’s exceptional Work below.


Mercury is closest to the sun and like earth is orbits on its own axis to get to sunrise and sunset.


Venus has thick gasses in its atmosphere which prevents the sun rays from filtering in.


Mars gets clear sun rays and is considered to be at ideal distance from sun.


The biggest planet of our solar system showcases a enthralling view of sunrise thanks to its many moons.


Saturn’s ring makes for an exceptional sunrise view. Further its atmospheric gases also weigh in its panoramic sunrise sight.


Uranus is filled with gases and it being far from sun makes for a star like sunrise view.


Neptune is farthest from the sun. The heavy gases and dust in its atmosphere makes sun just a bright source of light.


The ‘dwarf planet’ is many light years away from sun and gets sunrise equal to moon’s view on earth.

Image Credits : Ron Miller


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