18 Clever Signs That are Ridiculously Funny


We see a number of signs every day, each delivering a different message. Most of us do not pay much attention to them. Mostly these signs are ignored. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand the true or hidden message delivered by a sign and many a time, they can make us laugh if we are able to get them in the true sense. These are really clever signs and you can’t miss them!

Here are some of the clever signs which are funny too. Understand them and give yourself a chance to laugh.

1. Don’t Go Slow Then

clever signs


People would be in a hurry to visit such a place in the hope of something. Why Go Slow? They might be gathering here in huge numbers. Wanna visit?

2. Don’t need so much!

cool signs - nude sunbathers eating waffles


There is a lot of information in this sign. Pointless knowledge!

3. Please Notice That

clever signs - funny road signs


There was a lot to be noticed in that. Did you notice all ?


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