Check What Happens to Your Body After Drinking A Can of Coke


The most popular complaint among people these days is that they are gaining weight even after following the strict diet. The reason behind their issue is not really the consumption of fat. You have no idea what your can of coke can do.



The main reason for heart diseases , obesity and many of the other serious diseases is consumption of  drinks and processed foods which are most popular among teens these days.

One of the very dangerous contents found in fast food, ready made foods and drinks are fructose, which harms our health and which most people are unaware of. This is a very serious and the most dangerous content found in these intakes. Its consumption causes disturbances in our liver leading to the creation of huge amounts of bad fats in our body and that too without giving any hint to our brains. This is the reason we are able to consume it in huge amounts.

Fizzy drinks like coca cola should be given up immediately and instead, alternatives like plain water or the best drink to consume is green tea which will play the role of an antidote for some of the harmful contents which you take. These high sugar drinks like tea , coffee and of course coca cola should be replaced with green tea for better health.



Now go through the points below to see what happens to your body within different spans of time in an hour of drinking a can of coke.

1. First Ten Minutes

You don’t even realize that how much amount of sugar is going inside you. It’s almost ten teaspoons of sugar. They add phosphoric acids and other flavorings to cut down the extra sweetness.  Otherwise, you will be vomiting immediately.

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