24 Most Awkward And Creepy Texts Ever Received On Dating Websites


Most Creepy Texts Ever Received On Dating Websites

Valentine’s day might suck if you are single but at least you are not getting these creepy messages. The modern dating scene is a horrific wasteland. Talk about love and you’ll be shamed. Talk about the number of hotties you banged and you are the new hero. Next time if you ever get such creepy texts, you will know how to reply to it. Courtesy to these creepers.

These were the most hilariously creepy messages readers have received on dating websites.


1- Did he really had to mention that ?

creepy messages


2- What a prank..!  Free food..!! I’m gonna say yes to every guy who asks me out 😀 (just for dinner :3)




3- Learned to be positive all the time.

creepy messages



4- First buy me a villa, a refrigerator that never runs out of food, an expensive car and few people at my service. Then I’ll think.




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