Comparison of Photos Of Young & 100 Year Old People Will Leave You Amazed


Everyone wonders about how long they will live and how will their body and face change with the prospect of time. From the day you discover what death and old age is you want to know about it. This curiosity made a creative photographer Jan Langer who worked on a fabulous idea and came out with a project called, Faces Of Century, that had photos of the comparison. He captured over a dozen Czech centenarians and compared their pictures when they were young and when they were over 100 year old. This comparison is mind-boggling.

Jan said, “This set of comparative photos explores the similarities and the differences in appearance and in physiognomy.”

His plan was pretty big involvement but not everyone could make it to the golden number of 100, but those who did were the real Survivors.

Let’s take a look at them:

1. Antonín Baldrman, 17 Years Old young(Skilled Locksmith), 101 Years Old

photos young


2. Vlasta Čížková, 23 Years Old (Finished Girl High School), 101 Years Old



3. Ludmila Vysloužilová, 23 Years Old (Gift For Her Fiancé), 101 Years Old




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