8 Craziest & Weirdest Yet Amazing Restaurants Around The World!


We seldom don’t care about what type of place we are eating at till the food tastes good and is hygienic. We won’t mind eating McDonald’s burger even if they are being sold on a street corner. But there are a bunch of restaurants which give you a whole new experience of dining and you may find them really weird.

Here are 8 craziest and weirdest restaurants around the world:

1.Guolizhuang Restaurant in Beijing.

You can’t imagine this in your wildest, weirdest thoughts..!!! This restaurant in China serves cooked male genitals, no not humans’ but those of animals like goat, deer, ox etc. Yes..!! I re -read the lines again and again when I got to know. Well, Chinese believe that eating animal genitals increases male potency and while in females it improves skin texture. The restaurant also serves wine made up of extracts of animal heart and deer’s blood.



2. Hadaka Sushi in West Hollywood.

This is an adult only restaurant. The people who order sushi or sashimi here get really lucky. It is one of the few restaurants Nyotaimori, or body sushi, is served. Well, if you are feeling gross then let me tell you,the food isn’t placed on the skin. It is properly placed on banana leaves making it complete hygienic.



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