Zombie Apocalypse Wedding Theme! 10 Best Wedding Pictures Ever!


Nothing better defines cool than these wedding pictures. For those who are going to get married, these pictures are an inspiration to your photographers.

I bet at last these wedding pictures will make you want to have your own set of cool pictures. Wedding is the most precious moment in a couple’s life and often a couple likes to reminisce the memories of the wedding day, well, what is better than having to look at these types of  wedding pictures and grab all the eyeballs…? Look for yourself and you can not agree more. 😉

Here are 10 coolest wedding pictures ever captured to make the memories of the wedding special:

10. Deerly Beloved <3

Erick Fix and Lauren Ruff, a filmmaker and an actress got so lucky on their wedding day and got this picture captured all naturally without photoshop. They were having dinner but their photographer, when saw a herd of deer passing by insisted on capturing the herd with the newlyweds and thus all so naturally this amazing moment was captured.

Coolest Wedding Pictures Ever


9. Till Zombies Do Us Part.

Josiah Moore took his own wedding photo with new wife Ruthie and their bridal party in the hope of creating something unique and thus ended up making the Zombie apocalypse using photoshop. Isn’t it great..?

Coolest Wedding Pictures Ever


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