Types Of Annoying Facebook Posts- The Reason Aliens Won’t Visit Us!


Types of annoying posts you’ll see on most Facebook pages

Facebook is the most famous social networking site which is filled with great facebook pages and also dumb ones. Spamming news feed, Posting Bulls**t is what most of the pages do these days.

Here are 6 types of facebook posts which are annoying for any facebook user who has a normal functioning brain. 


  1. “Like if you”

You can find these kinds of facebook posts everywhere. These are also known as “Bhikari” (beggars). The admins who don’t get enough likes on their Facebook dp in their profiles post these kinds of bulls**ts just to maintain the balance of the universe. These posts do nothing but spam or news feed. Like this and share this article if you agree to this.

types of facebook posts


  1. “like for bleh, comment for meh”

These post usually include two different celebrities or fictional characters. For example, “like for an iron man, comment for captain America”. The people who give their votes in these posts shouldn’t be allowed to vote in real life.

types of facebook posts


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