8 Mindblowing Facts About Suicide Squad Bombshell Margot Robbie!


What a perfect role she played in suicide squad..!!! Yes, Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad is being well appreciated by everyone for her role. Even the creator of the character  Paul Dini said Margot Robbie  “nailed it!”. Well, I am already a fan of hers and it is the perfect time to know few more fun facts about this Hollywood’s newest bada** because she is going to take your breath away.

Here are 8 fun facts about Harley Quinn of Suicide squad aka Margot Robbie:

1.She Was Kicka** In Audition Room.

While auditioning for Wolf Of Wall Street, Robbie was supposed to read lines with Leonardo-Di-Caprio in which the couple gets into a heated argument. Margot Robbie got so into the scene that she smacked the A-list actor. Well, the tables turned in her favor and director Martin Scorsese cast her in the role immediately. That was quite a daring move but it doesn’t matter because 1- she got the role. 2- Afterall she id playing most bada** female of them all – Harley Quinn.

fun facts about margot robbie


2. She Is More Daring Than You Or Me.

The upper described incidence justifies the statement but there is more…! Margot Robbbie caught up tattooing as her interests or well she got interested in tattooing while shooting for suicide squad. The team members bonded so well that they wanted to commemorate their experience in a special way and what is better than getting tattooed by Harley Quinn herself ? Margot dressed as Harley Quinn started tattooing “Skwad” on everyone. What a fun..!

fun facts about margot robbie


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