Creative Things People Do When They Are Bored At Work.

On any regular day, you can never even dream of spending 6 hours on just earning and avocado into a piece of art or filling all the pages of your notebook with stupid but cute doodles. However, if you are completely bored at work and your mind is creative enough, all those things become too easy for you. Procrastination actually makes any person’s brain more inventive and creative. It is believed that people who are late at doing their job or submitting their assignment are very inventive because their brain is thinking of something more creative. Some of the most famous thinkers such as Martin Luther King Jr and Leonardo Da Vinci were mostly known for producing the best works at the last minute. You know about “I have a dream”, right?

However, procrastination mainly comes into play when you are completely bored at work. If you are sitting somewhere, depressed about the fact that you are constantly drifting away from the work which has been assigned to you, don’t worry. That is just a part of procrastination I need to see how creative you are. If you somehow managed to make a masterpiece even after so many distractions just because your creative mind was at work for most of the time, give yourself a Kudos. In this list however, we are going to cover the most creative things people did when they were bored at work.

1. Box of Pringles + Bored Engineer = This.

creative things people do when bored at work


If you have ever wondered what an engineer does when he is bored at work, you might have got your answer by now.

2. Visual Perceptions.

creative things people do when bored at work

Being in the bookstore every day is quite boring. But if you can’t quit the job, you yourself have to try to make it as interesting as it could be. I think it this person right here did it successfully.

3. Masterpiece.
In my opinion, this thing should be in the museum and the guy who did this must be an artist. This is what happens when a creative mechanic gets spare time.

4. Office Safari.
Now that’s an interesting thing. Imagine that you work in a very low post in a company which does not pay you as much as it is required to go on a safari. What would you do then? I don’t know about you but they turned themselves into animals for a sweet little office Safari. Sweet, isn’t it?

5. Creativity at its best.
This is so hilarious that I can’t stop laughing at all. Hats off to whoever did this thing.

6. “Clip” Art.
We have another artist on this list. People can be so good at doing irrelevant stuff that they actually turn out to be great.

7. Made Browser with Post-Its.
Whoever did this, make sure you peel them off before your boss comes in.

8. Productivity when Paul’s bored at work = nil.

creative things people do when bored at work
It’s an awesome art but it actually makes me wonder how jobless can people be sometimes.

9. Too much time.
creative things people do when bored at work
It actually requires somebody to have too much time at work to do this kind of stuff. It’s cool by the way.

10. Free time.
creative things people do when bored at work
Oh my God! Can I say anything else? I don’t think so.

11. Grocery Shop.
creative things people do when bored at work
It is actually very satisfying to stare at. Take an appreciation dude.

12. Bored, so carved this pencil.

creative things people do when bored at work
Who else thinks he should be an architect? He is truly doing the wrong job.


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