This Daring Woman Wears Body Paint Instead Of Clothes And No One Really Notices.


15. Only the underpants and sandals were real

woman wears body paint

16. This woman feels like she conquered her fear and she says that going out there with the body paint is similar to having insecurities. Walking half naked make you feel negative things about yourself.

woman wears body paint

17. “Sometimes we all overthink things and don’t wanna do things because we are scared of what other people gonna think. Do not let it matter so much because it doesn’t.”

18. “The only thing that matters the most is what you are from inside and that’s where your strength come from”.

woman wears body paint

Source: BuzzFeed Yellow

This woman had a great point and she also seems to be brave. Would you ever try walking in public with nothing but just the body paint?


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