16 Dating Struggles That Will Make You Laugh And Sob At Once


We know dating and its struggles.It is not the same as it was used to be in earlier days. It used to be simpler and easier. Today it’s not easy for our generation as there are many issues faced by people. Dating and relationships are not our cups of tea. We ourselves have made it difficult for us and others as well!

There are much more reasons to it and obviously, we are not to blamed for everything. As we grow up and the struggles we go through for greater things in life, it is going to be more difficult with it. There are a lot of difficulties we face while we date someone or just let’s just be honest! It has a lot of struggles and so some people avoid it! Not kidding! So as dating is a very common problem among us, there was a trend that started- hashtag #DatingIsHardBecause and people tweeted their struggles about it.

Here are some of the most amazing tweets about Dating struggles that people shared on Twitter!

1. When the hashtag #DatingIsHardBecause became the new trend.
dating struggles


2.It’s funny how these fickle people are while dating.

Dating struggles  via

3.The real reason revealed for not falling in love!

Dating strugglesvia 


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