The Deadliest Roller Coaster Disasters! Would You Still Want A Ride On Them!


Roller coaster makes me sick af. I don’t know why do people like sitting on them in the first place. But dear roller coaster lovers, you need to have a look at this. These are by far the deadliest disasters which are sure to send a chill down your spine. Let’s see if you still want to ride on them anymore!

Here are some of the deadliest roller coaster disasters and you might want to say goodbye to them!

1. Batman: The Ride.

Can you recall the instructions they give you before the ride? Yeah, the part where they tell you’re supposed to stick to your seat. Well, this lad here clearly didn’t pay attention enough. On June 28 2008, a teen named Leeshawn Ferguson, tried to retrieve his “hat”. But instead of getting back his hat, he lost his head.

roller coaster disasters


2. Mindbender.

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Looking for disaster World Records? You’re in the right place. This coaster is located in Alberta, Canada. And it is famous for its triple loop structure. But making world records comes with a price, and the price is increasing the risks. In 1986, a year after the park was opened, one of the history’s deadliest incident took place. Few bolts of the last car went missing causing the car to fly off and crash into concrete walls. The terror didn’t end there, the seat belts disengaged and threw the passengers into air, and finally they whole train crashed into a pillar. Three people died and many were injured.

3. The Big Dipper.

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What’s more terrifying than five innocent children crushing to death! England’s Battersea Park Fun Fair was famous for it’s Wooden Roller Coaster. But one day, the fun fair turned into a death fair. In 1972, the rope carrying the cars to the top of the hill snapped. This resulted in a number of cars flying back to the ground. Five innocent children were crushed to death and 13 others were severely injured. 


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