Dis-pleasured GOT Fan Illustrated How The Ending Should Be


Game Of Thrones is everyone’s favorite series. Many of us got hooked to the series from 2011. The actors in the series grew up in throughout the series. It took eight years for eight seasons. Everyone is so excited to watch the ending of GOT. Somehow, the team doesn’t meet the expectations of the audience. Artist Benjamin Dewey has illustrated the scenes that could’ve made him enjoy it more. And judging by the comments under his appropriately titled series The Scenes I Wish We’d GoT; others couldn’t agree with him more. Scroll down to see the fans expectations.

Benjamin says he fell in love with the book in 2008 which was introduced to him by his friend  Wendy(passed away) at a local book store.


Benjamin says, “I like a spectacle as much as anyone, but I tend to dislike it if it’s just for its own sake. George R.R. Martin understands that the fantastical should be pressed into the service of illuminating the tragedies and triumphs of everyday life.”


Daenerys mother of the dragon but she is more conscious about her comfort and safety of the house with the red door.


The artist says that there are billions of people who have many expectations on the show. People have expectations on any creative field like writings,  film, or art.


He says, “I’m hoping that instead of people just offering an endless deluge of sharp critiques that we might get some cool and fun new worlds to explore. I feel inspired to make the best things I can, and I’ve learned some important lessons, to apply to my own stories from watching this final season.”


He shared his experience that he started drawing recognizable things (as my parents convey it) when he is three years old. He adds that he has been bringing my whole life and it’s something that he still feels excited about


Meet Benjamin, whose professional comic artist from the past 11 years. He is currently working on magical mystery solving dogs called Beasts of Burden for Dark Horse comics.”

Image credits: benjamindewey


Many people around the world replied to his illustrations.


Do let me know what your opinion on GOT is.


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