9 Disney Movie Moments That Invite Viewers To Come & Troll The Company


Disney is undoubtedly one of the biggest movie companies out there in the world. It has a vast fan following among the masses that highly regard it as a company that never fails to impress the audience. Even though most of the Disney movies are greatly appreciated, they contain some amazing logics that never fail to make us laugh either. From Cinderella to Rapunzel, we have had many scenes in the movies where we laughed out loud.

At such times, we had no idea why this thing was happening. Once we got knowledge that how much stupid the scene was, it the whole thing becomes a troll. We are left making fun of that particular scene that glorifying the significance of how much dumb logic Disney used in their movies. Back then as a kid maybe we failed to understand them clearly, however, now when we do understand them, why not troll the company as much we want remembering our childhood days? Here are nine such instances where Disney literally invited us to come and troll the company!

The Biggest Question

The very first time a character actually asked a sensible question and guess what happened in the end? He never appeared AGAIN!

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Aladdin Was Not Quite Famous Back In The Day

God knows why would not these ladies love a cute and handsome guy like Alladin? Disney never explains..

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The Worst Fashion Statement Ever

How can Disney forget to match the colour of bra with the tail of the princess, she makes up for the worst fashion statement ever becoming a troll.

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The Shocking Glow

Not only him, we as an audience were shocked too, Disney never fails to amaze us as well as its characters.

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The Quirky Name

Mufasa was a part of our childhood, a vital part. However, you gotta accept, there were thousands of better names but Disney had to Mufasa with the name selection.

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The Cinderella Scandal

This has to be the biggest mystery of all time, was it a planned scandal? Just kidding, another Disney logic that makes us wanna facepalm.

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The Stranger Diaries

The story was definitely one of the best ever. However, this has to be one of the most unrealistic scene ever.

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The Tarzan Mystery

Wonder if the jungle had some kind of nature made trimmer or shaver, people sure were productive back in the past.

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The Disney Logic

Flynn Rider was a nice, smart and honest man.

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