Unbelievable How These Disney Stars Were Arrested! Reasons Can’t Be Ignored


Disney Channel seems to be a lot of wholesome entertainment. But its Stars and their lifestyles aren’t in the same classification. DUI’s, Arrests, Rehab centers, Drug possessions and what not. Your favorite Disney Stars have experienced it all. Unlike the roles they played, they are not so innocent. They are definitely very far from the lifestyle often titled as ‘Decent’ and ‘Reputed’. Here, have a look at the Disney faces who were arrested for one reason or another.
1. Lalaine, Lizzie McGuire.

Remember Miranda, Lizzie’s BFF? Her exit from the show was quite absurd for a reason. She was supposed to have gone on a family trip to Mexico which actually never happened. She was arrested for possession of Meth in 2008.

Child Disney Stars who were arrested.


2. Debby Ryan, Jessie

In April of 2016, Debby Ryan was arrested under the case of Drink and Drive. While taking a left turn, she rammed straight into an another car. Soon the cops arrived and she failed the Sobriety test. Later she was granted bail because injuries to the other driver were minor.

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3. Orlando Brown, That’s so Raven

Orlando was one of the famous Disney stars with two lead roles, one in That’s so Raven and other in animated hit, The Proud Family. You won’t believe that he was caught up thrice! Yeah, you read it right. In 2007, cops arrested him for possession of Marijuana. Again in 2011, he received a DUI while driving with his pregnant girlfriend and finally in 2012 for failing to complete the conditions of his probation stemming from said DUI.

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