6 Pointer Color Festival Checklist To Have The Best & Safe Holi Ever


The Indian color festival Holi never fails to make us happy no matter what blunder we’re trapped into. Forgetting all the negative worldly emotions, happiness surrounds us showerings it colors of smiles on us. And oh, the fun we have is beyond what words can explain. But what remains most important is us being safe and this must happen by making the fun and safe checklist.



Though the festival is of two days, the celebrations begin from a week prior. College festivals, Holi parties, color run and what not. This year Holi was escorted by a weekend doubling the joy by giving us a long weekend. Long weekend means more time to prepare! But here are the struggles of Holi preparations we all face to have a safe and happy holi.

1. Deciding the cloth that shall be the victim this year. 

First in the checklist, what clothes? Ever used an outfit for Holi and regretted it the most? Don’t worry we’ve all been there! *wipes tears*

Though we all LOVE playing with all the color and water of Dhuleti, we secretly hate sacrificing our white outfit for the day. But anyways the fun is worth everything.

Color via

2. The hair oiling theory

Your mom definitely won’t let yo out of the doors until you’ve got your hair dipped in coconut oil. Oiling hair is one of the things we all dislike but regretting after the color play is definitely worse then oiling them (But they ruin my pre-holi pictures).


Your hair is definitely not going to meet your Bollywood expectations.



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