Do You Believe Opposites Attract ? Well! You’ve Been Fooled


Just like in a magnet like poles repel each other, and unlike poles attract each other, We thought in real life too the opposites attract each other. Or can say, we’ve been too indulged in this myth. But this ain’t the truth. Relationships are always difficult to handle. To be honest, I never understood the concept of opposites attracts. Like If I want my fridge full of food and my partner in – “only water for healthy living”  then I can never spend a day, in fact, an hour with him.

Do You Believe Opposites Attract ?

It looks like you’ve been getting wrong relationship advice all the time. Bad relationships were not your fault after all.

Researchers at the University of Kansas and Wellesley College have discovered the phrase “ opposites attract ” only applies to magnets. Try this new approach instead.

1- Opposites Don’t Attract.

It is tough to choose what movie to watch on the weekend when you both have a different genre of interest, and they say opposites attract. No opposites fight most of the time. The study included about 1500 random pairs and their time together was observed. They were surveyed on almost everything. It was noted that their commonalities were what set their relationship firm, not the differences.

Do You Believe Opposites Attract ?


2- Having Things Common Doesn’t Always Mean That Two People Are Fit To Be Best – Friends, Not Love-mates.

Yup, this is called friend zoning. People are so blinded by the phenomenon of Opposites attract that they often sideline commonalities as fit for just friends. Yes, you and your best friend could be couple goals. Think about it.

Do You Believe Opposites Attract ?


3- If you think you can change your ten years of the same habit just for the sake of your partner, YOU ARE WRONG AS CERSEI ON IRON THRONE.

In an another survey, it was found that people don’t change even if they try to. Yes, you can officially cut ties with the people who keeps telling you that they’ll change.

Do You Believe Opposites Attract ?


4- Go, Run and patch up with people you have more common with.

For once have your life in your way..!

Do You Believe Opposites Attract ?


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