Dumb People Whom We Unfortunately Lost In 2015


Many people around, like to enjoy the life as a roller coaster rides and thrill and excitement is an added flavour to the fun in life. Although the dare to experience something extra oridnary is good to have yet there are equal chances of turning a fun ride into a horror story. Here are a few examples of dumb people who tried to be really inspiring and adventurous but lost their lives in a disaster. Some of them are downright hilarious perhaps something we can all take an example from.

1. She didn’t see the downfall coming

It turned to be her last smile which was luckily captured on the camera and then we can only say, it was a smiley ending.

Dumb people, lost


2. All she wanted was to have a good  view

It’s  advised to avoid any such adventure on your own or that laughter could be your last one. People put their lives at stake for a good photograph nowadays.

Dumb people, lost                                   Via

3. Seems like she didn’t want a sibling

Look at the way he falls – right on his head, this couldn’t have ended well. We are yet to find one that beats this.

Dumb people, lost



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