12 Awesome Fire Tricks No One Told You That You Could Try at Home


DISCLAIMER : I will not be responsible for any damage or harm. Try these fire tricks at your own risk and do not try if you feel, it would be harmful to conduct. And if you really wanna try at home, don’t forget to wear eyeglasses and gloves.

Fire is a very essential thing when it comes to cooking. We all use it at our home, and we are well aware with fire hazards. The hazards include flames, sparks, smoke that are potential for ignition, or that can aggravate a fire to become large and uncontrolled. It can be a threat to life and property. However, for some reason seeing fire, burning flames, fire tricks always excite me and it can be as beautiful as flower, a red flower.


1. Travelling Flame

For this trick all you need is a candle, lighter and a candle holder. Light the candle first and blow it. Once the smoke rises up, place the lighter above and watch the flame moving back to the lighted up candle as it was never blown off. Isn’t that easy ? you can try it at your home.

fire tricks you can try at home


2. Fiery Hand

This is one of the easiest fire tricks that you can try at home, but be very careful. You need a hand sanitizer and a lighter. Spill the sanitizer on the table, light it up and apply it on your fingers. There you go, and if you are scared to apply it on your hand, try some stick or any object first.

try fire tricks at homevia

3. Rising Water

For this you need a candle, a plate, water, food color and a glass. Place the food color on a cup containing water and pour it on the plate where candle is placed. Next step is to light the candle and cover it with a glass. This will make the water rise inside the glass and lift the candle.

fire tricks you can try at home



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