12 Dumbest Things Renowned Celebrities Have Bought


10. Iphone

Victoria Beckham, (aka Posh spice) spent nearly $35,000 on a Stuart Hughes iPhone. She bought this expensive phone as it had 150 grams of 24-carats Gold.

Dumbest things bought by renowned celebrities

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11. Holy Water

Madonna has a huge sum of money because spending $10,000 on Holy water is something unconscionable. She has a habit of drinking blessed Kabbalah water, which costs approximately $5 per bottle. Isn’t it one of the dumbest things bought by a celeb? Don’t know much about this Holy water, but it had to be magical because even after turning 50 she looks stunning.

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12. Gold Grill 

Justin Bieber grilled up his teeth with gold for $5000. It was a temporary grill, part of his Halloween costume.

Dumbest things bought by renowned celebrities Image Source

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These were some of the dumbest things which have bought ever. Celebrities can have their own ways to spend money. They have a lot to spend, after all. What else we can anticipate. :p


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