13 Of The Most Mysterious Men Ever Lived On Earth!


8. Sidney Gottlieb 

He is one among the real mad scientists! Gottlieb organized experiments in which humans were used as guinea pigs. He worked for the US government and happens to be the cause of many deaths that the US may not willingly accept!

Mysterious men


9. Babushka Lady 

In 1963, at the time of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, an unknown woman was present at the ground. According to the witnesses and films captured that time, she wore a headscarf and captured the assassination in her camera. There is no sign of her after that! That lady never came forward despite FBI’s request. The mystery of her presence at the time of assassination still remains as it is!

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10. Zodiac Killer

Now, this guy played a game with the authorities! He left coded letters and bragged of murdering 37 people! The guy was never found and the case never solved! Fear not, it was in 1960’s and 70’s! By now, the guy may be dead… umm, who knows, maybe alive and planning his next murder?

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