13 Of The Most Mysterious Men Ever Lived On Earth!


Mystery… There are many things that exist in the world of which we don’t have a single idea about! Those occult things include the human creatures too… You may keep wondering about them but won’t get to know anything much. Curiosity builds and your detective mind starts working. But again, in vain! Because some mysteries remain mysteries! And, as I said, there are Mysterious men around the world who have left most of the people in a state of perplexity…

How about, we see go about checking those Mysterious men? No, not anywhere, but here… I give you a list of 13 such Mysterious men who baffled the world with their life, which is an enigma!

1. DB Cooper

On November 24, 1971, a man, who called himself Dan Cooper, hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft by warned of having a bomb in his briefcase. He demanded $200,000 and four parachutes. After his wishes were fulfilled, he parachuted from the airplane and no one has ever heard about him since! Some believe that he is dead, but no one knows for sure about his whereabouts…

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2. Arnold Paole

Talk about Mysterious men; here is a Vampire! Arnold Paole believed to be up after his death at nights and sucking the blood out of innocents… His body was decayed a bit and had new blood marks… It was concluded that he is a vampire and his heart was staked, and body burned!

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3. Karl Koecher

Karl Koecher was born in Czechoslovakia in 1934. He worked in CIA as a USSR agent! Thereafter someone tipped CIA and he was arrested. After a while, FBI set him free and he was deemed a hero in USSR as he returned to Czech! But, somehow it was indicated that he now works for CIA! Later on, there was no much information on his life and if there, it’s all blurred!

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4. Poe Toaster

A mystery Toaster for a mystery writer! Poe Toaster was the name given to a man who was found at the grave of Edgar Allan Poe, making toasts over the grave on Poe’s birthday! The shadowy figure, dressed in black with a wide-brimmed hat and white scarf, would pour himself a glass of cognac and raise a toast to Poe’s memory, then vanish into the night, leaving three roses in a distinctive arrangement and the unfinished bottle of cognac…

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