Are You An Emotional Eater Too? Then You Will Surely Relate To These!


Well, we all love to eat, but do you have any idea that some people are an emotional eater. But, before you wonder what that even is, you need to know that those of you who aren’t suffering from this are lucky. So, emotional eating is something you do uncontrollably when you are really upset. Sadness or nervousness triggers this, but it also leads to many disorders including obesity!

If you too are an emotional eater then you’ll definitely relate to these confessions!

1. Well, you got that right.

emotional eater

2. I literally hate myself for that, but honestly, I don’t know what else should I do!

3.  Well, well, I know how tough it can really get!

4. This cycle truly never ever ends, one minute I’m crying over me being overweight, another minute I’m eating because I’m upset.

5. Okay, some people are blessed with the “not gonna get fat” gene. But that is not the case with me :'(

6. Oh, wow, busy day for you!

7.  I tried, failed, tried again, only to fail again!

8. Yeah, that is like pretty close!

9. You know, I don’t know about depression, but I’m sure as hell upset with these!

10. Well, yeah, pretty much.

11. Okay, that definitely sucks, a lot.

12. Does anybody know how to control their emotions? I don’t really think so!


14. Not gonna happen anytime sooner sister. 

15. Me too girl, me too!

16. I can almost feel myself be you.

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17. Well, I crave for KFC when I”m upset.

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18.  You will learn, hey, food is happiness!

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19. Well, I don’t know what to say about that!

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20. Neither for me!


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