Most Epic Social Network Comments That You Won’t Stop Laughing


One of the reasons why people go to the social network is the memes and the funny content available online like our own Sarcasm and many other pages on Facebook as well as Twitter, the king of trolling. But not only memes are funny the comment that people post below them are funny too. They take up the top spot in the comments section and entertain us even more.

Everyone likes to see them relate to them from their own life and then laugh at those comments and replies.

Let’s take a look at these:

1. This has a very deep meaning.

social network


2. Deep down he’s our inspiration and role model.


Just in case you don’t know him. Congratulations! you’re going to heaven.

3. I agree with this.


It took me some time to do the calculations after reading this comment.

4. You also might wonder about this reaction; it’s Thankful and is not available now.

social network

Quite an epic explanation.

5. That excitement level is damn too high.

social network

6. Nazis could never rule if this priest had any idea about future.

This comment was also factual but she’s such a good singer. 


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